I’m only dreaming.

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Last night I had a very strange dream, up there with the one I had about Brad Pitt, where he was a drug dealer on the run. Yes, my dreams are always a little off. Anyway, last night’s was quite strange and so I felt compelled to share it’s weirdness.

My husband was carrying around a box-in the dream- he was taking it everywhere with him for what seemed days. I eventually looked inside and there was a huge green snake, a python I think, all rolled and coiled up in a ball and, this is the weird bit, a giant black and bright orange centipede. The centipede was crawling in and out of the snakes coils. In the dream I wasn’t scared, I just watched it. I told my husband there was a centipede with the snake and he said

‘I know, they’re friends.’

The snake then began to feed the centipede with his mouth like a bird would a chick.

Thankfully I woke up after that, with a fear I didn’t have in the dream. I told my husband and he just laughed.

I searched the web to find out what was going on in my sleeping mind, and guess what? Its a thing! There are others who have dreamed this. Not down to exact detail, but about snakes and centipedes! I am not alone.

Here is what I found….

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To dream that you see a centipede could  bode well for you though in one sense, especially if the centipede seems to be getting along well and making it to all of the destinations it is trying to achieve. If that is the case for the centipede then it means that your life will be chugging along at a good and steady fast pace. This does not mean that it will be so fast that you cannot catch up. It actually means that no matter how fast things go around you, you will be able to go just as fast to meet all of the demands and challenges that come along with that responsibility. You are a dynamo and you will never stop no matter how tough the going gets.

More: http://www.gotohoroscope.com/txt/dream-dictionary-centipede.html

Followed by this…

Hopefully you don’t have a dream about this creature but if you do it might be a sign you need to clean up your home or your life a little bit.
More: http://www.gotohoroscope.com/txt/dream-dictionary-centipede.html

So that’s the centipede, what about the snake?

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I went for the ‘cute’ snake to save on nerves.

A green one may be telling you that it’s safe to go forward, your fears are unwarranted.

May also represent creativity and creative energy — the creation of something new by transforming a thought into a reality.

May also represent creativity and creative energy — the creation of something new by transforming a thought into a reality.

So there it is. I need to firstly, clean my house, keep chugging along and get ready for a blast of creative energy. Cool for me. I did try find out if anyone had had a dream about Brad Pitt as a drug dealer on the run- I guess that one is totally mine!




Gone in a puff of vape.

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Come all ye vapeful


Twenty years ago on a cold autumnal day, I tried my first cigarette. It tasted foul and I immediately stubbed it out and vowed that is was the most disgusting thing in the world. Fast forward a couple of years and add art college and teenage rebellion in to the mix and you’ve got a dedicated smoker. I loved it. I smoked all the way through college, roll ups,straights all of it. The sophistication of the whole ritual of smoking seduced me so much that over the years I would receive many smoking related pressies.( I have about 5 cigarette holders one is actual silver!) Then I quit. I don’t know why I just did. I was smoke free for about six months and then when sitting in a pub with my new boyfriend-later to become my husband-I took one of his fags and I was back in the habit. Thirteen years and 6 months of smoking behind us WE HAVE QUIT! This time I know why, a packet of cigs in the uk is nearing on £10 for 20 sticks. Between us we were chugging on 30 a day so that’s £25 per day and thats nearing £200 per week. We were burning money! It had to go.

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Burning hard earned lolly.

Thankfully a very clever man from Korea made a thingy called a vape,it really is a brilliant invention, I’d say up there with the dishwasher! So on the path to vapeing we went. Apart from the obvious benefits of giving up real fags, my teeth and gums are having a renaisance. I went to then dentist the other day and he asked if i used an electric toothbrush(I don’t).

Now, there are many different parts to a vape-wicks,batteries,juice,VG and PG- it took a while to get the hang of it. There are tons of flavours too. I like one called ‘Red Astaire’by Tjuice. It tastes like cherry cough sweets which is a whole lot tastier than real cigarettes.

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My sauce of choice.

Bottom line is you get your nicotine from the juice in your vape and they say its safer than smoking, but the jury is certainly out on this….However it is better than holding a lung full of cyanide and other nasty things. So the next thing for me is to quit the vape, but not just yet.

The question of giving up my vape hasn’t been far from my mind as my 85-year-old ex smoker Grandmother pointed out to me the other day.

‘What exactly is that you’re smoking?’

‘A vape, like a cigarette’ I said.

‘But it’s not a cigarette is it?  It’s a joke’.

And there it is. Smoking in all forms is a joke.





Honestly Healthy? Hell yeah!


I became a vegetarian a year ago. It wasn’t for ethical reasons(well maybe a bit-well a bit more) it was purely for vanity. I had got myself a one way ticket to ‘spare tyre ville’. My jeans were pushing my growing middle flab up in to a trouser cleavage,my carefully chosen investment pieces were pinching, I was only 32 and I was a mess.

I looked at my diet and it was meat,meat,meat. On a Sunday Brown(The husband) and I would roast a huge rib of beef have Yorkshire puddings(google them if you don’t know and make them tonight),potatoes and lashings off fat laden-but delish- gravy swallowed down with lager or wine or both. There would be NO leftovers(God, we were gluttons).On top of that I was smoking between 10 and 15 real cigarettes a day.

Gosh, writing this is making my arteries are hard.

The meat had to go. I searched the web for very healthy veg recipes and stumbled on Honestly Healthy. (It is in fact an alkaline diet.) I ordered the book HH for life and began creating healthy veggie food.


Like these lentil broccoli and tahini burgers.

I am no cook but I swear my skills with spices have become pretty impressive thanks to this book! Brown being a red blooded man was a bit forlorn at first but has stayed truer to being meat free than I.

Almond crust egg tart.

Almond crust egg tart.

Going to restaurants is hard because the veggie option is always tomato pasta. Why?Eating at Lebanese,Greek or Turkish is easier, easier still, Indian food is quite possibly a gift from the gods for veggies. Delicious,varied and so bloody good.

It’s been a year with only a couple of slip ups(hello steak) I feel great. My skin is clear my eyes are bright and my hair doesn’t get as dirty=strange.

And the rubber ring? Gone. It deflated about 5 months into veggie- cation. My clothes fit me again. I stopped drinking lager,beer etc and stuck with white wine. I think the reason HH is so effective is the content of the meals. There are no fake meat subs,or cheese heavy plates. It is just veg put together in interesting  and scrummy ways.

The book of veg.

The book of veg.

This is by far the tasty and easy way to cut out or cut down on meat. Natasha Corett has a new book called HH Cleanse with I have of course! I have all three of her books and they are all brilliant. I never get bored of the recipes and I feel great cooking and eating them. If I ever meet Natasha Corett, I think I may have to kiss her!

Gooey Choc pots-for the sweet of tooth!

Gooey Choc pots-for the sweet of tooth!

Big Pro1- Easy peasy. You don’t need to be cordon bleu.

Big Pro 2-Feel great, Look great no colds!

Big Pro 3-Vegatables are cheap.My shopping bill is half what it was.

I do feel better for not eating so many animals.

My oven hasn’t needed a clean since.

And what of the cigarettes? Well they are gone too, but that’s another story.

It makes no scents.

It makes no scents.

P.s I am very sorry to see that L.I.L.Y has been discontinued. The bottle? The name? Defo not the juice. Truffles? Yes please! I love it. I plan on stock piling as many bottles as I can. Farewell L.I.L.Y. X